Property values ​​in a CSS div jQuery

This is a very basic tip, basically consists in knowing what the value of a CSS property, through jQuery.

For example:

#div{display: none}

To know the value of this div in jQuery, addresses the following code statement:

var value = $('#div').css('display');
if(value == 'none'){
/*What you do*/
/*What you do*/

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Event click, Attr, Event.PreventDefault, images change work

First of all, I start to write in English from now on will be very personal things in Spanish, or who knows … but will include English language at my blog, for a test of how far my article.

This is a small image change work for a catalog of products from a customer in theadvertising agency where I work, something simple but very useful, to make an image gallery and clicking will change the main image .

var rel = $(this).attr('rel');

I do not think i have to explain code jQuery, if is doubt comment on the article.

Well, i finish as usual…

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